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Rod Randolph’s goal is to provide the best customer service in the industry. Over 20  years of experience and knowledge is passed on to our clients.

When you want to sell your home, you want a real estate team who really know how to look after your best interests. There are boat loads of Realtors in the industry, so why should you consider us as your best choice?

Why do business with us? Because we WILL sell your home!

Firstly, our team works for you 24 hrs a day. Sounds like Baloney huh?  How can anyone work 24 hours a day? Well, we use the very latest technology to market your property and sell it for you even as as all sleep! Your property will be expertly sold using modern tools including internet, social media advertising and direct mail.

Every other waking and working minute that we have is then spent working on your behalf. Our agents are reachable 7 days a week. You will never experience the frustration of not knowing what’s happening, when, how and with whom. You will always know how your sale is progressing because we know how important it is to you.

We represent our seller’s best interest when we list your home. We will sell your home quickly and for the highest possible price. We find buyers where no one else can. We use proven marketing techniques to get your house sold!

Our team is ready to work hard for you. I know that you will be 100% satisfied with our services. Customer service is at the top of our list for me and my team. I guarantee it! (At the risk of sounding like late night TV!)….. You have nothing lose and profits to gain!

Want a REAL free home valuation?

Not a cheesy, instant “Zillow guess-ti-mate” bait and switch lead generation tactic, but a true, educated assessment of the estimated value of your home.

No forms to fill out, lets actually talk about your home. Give me a call on my personal cell at 480 560-8033.

I gather some information about the home you wish to sell and in within an hour or 2 (in most cases), you will have a free estimate of your home’s value. No pressure, no obligation.

Yes! Lets talk, like the old days!